Whitefield Road County Primary School opened at 9am on 4th September 1967.

There was only one completed classroom at this time and 38 children started on this day in that room with their teacher Mrs Jackson and a 'probationary' teacher in her first year, Miss Stansfield.

It was a difficult start for the headteacher Mr Robert E Baker - a flooded field, a playground that needed resurfacing, deliveries that hadn't arrived!

The photos below are of the first day the school opened, and also exerts from the log book that headteachers had to keep in those days. It's a really interesting read!

In May 2023, we were delighted to welcome to our school some of the orginal class who started in 1967! It was amazing to listen to their memories and they did a Q&A with our Year 6 children.  We even found references to them in the Headteacher's Log Book!



Whitefield history